Apple Vision Pro Headset Expanding to Nine Additional Countries in the Upcoming Month: Is India Included?

The Apple Vision Pro headset is set to launch in nine new countries soon. The question remains: will India be among them?

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Google AI Enhancements: Pixel 8 Devices Receive Beneficial New Features in June 2024

In June 2024, Google AI brings a host of useful new features to Pixel 8 smartphones, enhancing user experience and functionality

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WhatsApp Plans to Request Your Birth Date if You Reside in This Nation: Learn the Reason Behind It

WhatsApp is preparing to prompt users in a specific country to provide their birth date. This change is being implemented for a particular reason, which will be elaborated further

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Epic Games Encounters Major Data Breach, Yet Gamers Need Not Be Concerned: Discover the Explanation

Although Epic Games has experienced a significant data breach, gamers need not fret over it. The reason behind this assurance will be explained in the following content

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Samsung's Upcoming Security Feature Might Surpass Apple's Face ID in Terms of Effectiveness and Safety

Samsung is developing a new security feature that has the potential to outperform Apple's Face ID in terms of both effectiveness and safety. Learn more about this upcoming technology and its implications for smartphone security

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Elon Musk's X Will Eliminate the Likes Tab From Your X Feed This Week: Learn More

Elon Musk's X platform is set to remove the Likes tab from user feeds this week. Explore further to understand the implications and changes this update will bring to the X experience

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Xiaomi Unveils 14 Civi Featuring Leica-Powered Cameras: Indian Price, Specs Revealed

Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi 14 Civi, showcasing Leica-powered cameras, along with unveiling its price and detailed specifications for the Indian market

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Samsung Introduces Advanced Security Feature, Potentially Outmatching Apple's Face ID: Learn More

Samsung has unveiled a cutting-edge security feature that may surpass Apple's Face ID in terms of effectiveness and safety. Explore the details to understand this new development in smartphone security

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YouTube is testing an AI-driven comment sorting feature for Shorts.

YouTube's AI-powered feature organizes comments on Shorts into topics, enabling users to easily access helpful comments without endless scrolling.

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Samsung Unveils 2024 QLED 4K TVs with Quantum Dot, Starting at Rs. 65,990/-

Samsung's 2024 QLED 4K TVs feature a new processor and include a SolarCell remote that operates without batteries

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